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Payment of your deposit (A deposit of 20% of the amount is taken to secure your place) to attend T. Thur& A. NishMa Photography workshops indicates your acceptance of the following terms and conditions




By signing the Registration Form to attend a photographycourses.nl workshops, you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions.
We aim to provide high-quality training courses as well as professional and efficient administrative services. We will act ethically with integrity, responsibility, fairness and confidentiality. Our courses are provided in the English and Dutch languages.
These general Terms and Conditions are deemed to have been read and accepted by both the participant and the agency or person that pays their course fees.

2.Registration and Payment:

2.1. A non-refundable deposit of the amount( (20% of the total  amount of the workshop ) is required at the time of booking and must be sent with the completed booking form. Your place on a given workshop will be held once payment of the required deposit is received but may be given up to another student if payment of the full workshop fee is not received two weeks prior to the workshop.

2.2 The balance on the cost of the workshop will be due two weeks before the workshop starts. If full payment is not received by the specified dates we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled and retain the deposit.
2.3 If a booking made less than two weeks prior to the workshop date, the full cost of the workshop is payable at the time of booking

2.4 Your registration is binding at the stated rates and under the conditions.
2.5· Registration takes place in an application and subject to availability.
You will receive an invoice for your participation, payment has to be received within 14 days  prior participation.

2.6 Payment will be transferred to bank account on the name of  photography courses T&A. The account number will be stated on the application form.
3. Privacy Act

The participant authorises  photographycourses.nl .nl to collect, hold and use registration information, for the purpose of supporting the education and well-being of the class participants. The participant also authorises the transfer of their contact details into a Class List for distribution to other class members who can then, if desired, contact each other to work together to complete course assignments. Participant information will not be given to any other third party without written permission.

4. Confidentiality

It is essential that personal and private information revealed by participants in workshop discussions, training exercises, assignments or class feedback rounds must not be passed on to any other party. Any breach of this obligation shall result in the informant being required to leave the course, and no refund of any fees or costs will be made on these occasions.

5. Copyright and Trade Protection

Unless otherwise indicated, copyright in the content of this website is the property of Tali Thur and Adam Nishma. The site may also include content whose copyright belongs to third-parties and which has been lawfully included in this site by agreement or specific licence.dam
For personal, non-commercial purposes, you may view or make copies of the material contained on the site. Content may not be systematically downloaded, retrieved or stored. Content may not be reproduced or transmitted without our prior written permission.
Copyright enquiries relating to web content should be directed to the authorising officer listed in the footer of every page.

photographycourses.nl owns the copyright of all course manuals, handouts, wall charts, website content, Photos, logos and published papers.  photographycourses.nl holds all rights to trade protection for the structure, design and provision of  photographycourses.nl training courses, newsletters, advertising and all  photographycourses.nl  related material.  photographycourses.nl material must not be copied or distributed to others.
6. Limit of Liability

Our liability to you is limited to the course fee, which you have paid to us.Photographycourses.nl aim to provide every participant a safe, educational, and enjoyable experience. We assume no liability for any act, error, omission, injury, loss, delay, mishap, or damage to persons or property arising from any cause during the course of the workshop or in transit thereto. We can accept no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delay or changes in the services to be provided. We reserve the right to change our arrangements should conditions necessitate, or to cancel any aspect of the workshop due to exceptional circumstances. In the event that we deem it necessary to cancel the workshop, we will provide a full refund which the participants acknowledge as full and final settlement.

7.Cancellation and refund policy

• All cancellations must be submitted in writing by email tdthur@hotmail.com
• Cancellation is free of charge until 7 weeks before the workshop (100% refund ex.administration costs).

· If canceled up to 2 weeks before, you receive a refund of 30% of the participation fee.

· If canceled within 2 weeks before or if you do not attend the first course session, or if you withdraw from the course after the start of the first course session, no part of the fee will be refunded.All workshop schedules and plans are subject to change at our discretion depending upon weather, health and safety considerations, or any other factor related or unrelated to photographic opportunities as we see fit.

All workshop schedules and plans are subject to change at our discretion depending upon weather, health and safety considerations, or any other factor related or unrelated to photographic opportunities as we see fit.

In case of force majeure, we reserve the right to cancel the workshop, alternative dates will be given.

• If you can not attend due to force majeure will be no refund. However, we offer you the opportunity to make up the missed participation (if the program or activity is repeated again)with no extra costs.

7.1 Policy for changing course date
• If you suffer from sudden illness or recent bereavement, please contact us immediately in writing. Your course fee can be suspended until a suitable alternative date can be found. Refunds may be considered if a medical certificate is provided.

• We will make every effort to keep to the advertised course dates but reserve the right to cancel or postpone courses if minimum numbers are not reached. In that event, a full refund will be made.

8. Fees/charges

Prices quoted by us are inclusive of lunch/snack, drinks and VAT. No refund will be made if you do not fully participate in this, for example if you do not require a meal.

8.1 Group discount

Group discount will be given depending on the number of participants. 

8.2 Employer Payments

Participants shall remain liable for payment of all fees and charges in the event of their employer or benefactor declining payment of fees.

9. Respect for Others

Please respect the rights of other participants to a training environment free from distraction or interruption. During class times, ensure your phone is either turned off or on mute.

10. Queries

Please direct any queries to:
Email: tdthur@hotmail.com


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