Photography workshop for Kids

Would you like to develop your child’s creative and critical thinking skills?

Photography for Kids is the perfect solution.

photography is a tool for children to tell their own story, to communicate without words and to show their life.

The workshop gives your child the space to discover and experiment as a real photographer.

We shall teach the children how to use the camera and take pictures that will really matter to them in a creative fun way.

The workshop will be given in English or Dutch for children aged 8 to 16 years.
(3 groups 8-10,11-13 and 14-16) Given by two experienced photographers.

Day 1: Studio day

  • Techniques and basic principles (composition, shutter speed, flash, Iso etc)
  • Portraits
  • Reviews of each others photos
    This day is approximately 3 hours.

Day 2: Movement vs stillness

  • Outdoor photography
  • Using natural light
  • Practicing basic techniques
  • Moving animals vs quiet plants and trees.
  • Made images reviews
    This day is approximately 3 hours.

Day 3: Large world/small world

  • The world of a bird vs the world of a small beast in the grass.
  • Perspective practice
  • Zoom in& zoom out
  • Made images reviews
    This day is approximately 3 hours.


  1. Koorenhuis Prinsengracht 27, 2512 EW Den Haag
  2. Balletschool Ypenburg Oeverwallaan 141, 2498 BW Den Haag
    *The location will be decided according to the group size.


What will I need to bring?

  • A digital camera with an empty memory card (SD).
  • fully charged battery.
  • transfer cable.

Please note:

The workshop is for minimum of 6 children and maximum of 10.

Cost: €150


Inschrijfformulier Fotografie4kids

For reservation or more information please email or contact us at:


Volgende workshop|next workshop: 18.10-20.10.2017

18.10   Basistechnieken (Diafragma|Sluitertijd| ISO| Belichting ect.) 11:00-14:00

19.10   *Natuur fotografie in Blijdorp dierentuin Rotterdam 11:00-15:00

20.10  15:00-17:00 Oefenen in de studio

*€12 toeslag




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