Expressive Photography for Children

Let your child tell his own story

Sometimes our children can be shy, angry, anxious or sad, having a low self-image, poor sleep and struggling with negative thoughts. Perhaps your child just having a difficult period, but those issues won’t go away unless we will do something about it.

How can expressive photography can help your child?

In expressive photography, we are looking at what feelings, thoughts, memories, and associations of photos can bring to a child. This gives an insight into the thinking world of a child and opening ways to more communication than when using words only. (children cannot always put their thoughts in words).

Photography with children can be used in two different ways:
On one hand helps young people to express themselves and to be able to explore aspects of their personality which they are not aware of. This is beneficial during every period of their life (for example with adolescence in which they are struggling with their identity).
On the other hand, photography can be used as an “empowerment tool” for young people with their own story to tell from their own point of view.
Without words, they give their environment and their relationships meanings by taking pictures.

We believe that all children are good in principle, but an events within or/and outside the family can ensure that the child can be sometimes experienced as “different” “incomprehensible” and “difficult”. But in a proper environment, your child may feel better if he can express himself with the help of the art of photography.
Your child will be creating, be the observer ( and not being observed), will have freedom of choices and his voice will be heard.

First and second meeting

The Projective process
The children getting to know the group. They each will present themselves and tell about the photos they brought from home and respond to each other’s photos.

Learning basic photographic technique, preparing your child for our second meeting.

second meeting

Making self-portraits – Photo Shoot in the studio

This work will help your child to get a more positive image of himself by creating, viewing and accepting. Your child can choose which are the most appealing photos for him that he, at the end of the course, can take home.

Third and fourth meeting:

Making photos on location.
On location, the children will be able to choose freely which images they will take.
we can learn how the child sees the world, what interests him.
This session offers a channel to self-expression and increases self-confidence.
Children will learn how to express themselves in a positive and constructive way and get a sense of their own potential. They will explore, learn and observe what will be a safe ground for them to talk about and share it with the group.

Fifth meeting:

Putting everything on the table
All the photos will be printed.The children will talk about the photos they made and why they chose to make it like that. The group will participate in the review. It’s a way of learning how to share and to decision accept other person’s opinion.

Family album/ creating the scrapbook 
Using the family portraits the child was asked to bring from home, portraits which were made during the photo shoot in the studio and on location, we will make a family photo album.
Make a family album by themselves will make them feel strong and competent.

Sixth meeting:

Family exhibition

Parents and children will come together for a nice exhibition of their work.

Tip: bring a gift for your child (flower or chocolate for this last meeting).

Who can participate in this workshop?

Children of 8-12 years & 13-16 years
(min 6 and maximum 8 children per group)

It is necessary to bring a camera to each meeting.
Parents for whom this is a problem can get in touch with us via


€189+€50 registration fee and materials
Incl. prints, scrapbooks, soft drinks & snacks and happy children!
Available in Dutch and English


  • Koorenhuis: Prinsengracht 27, 2512 EW Den Haag (From 8 children).
  • Oeverwallaan 141, 2498 BW Den Haag ( maximum 7 children).


For reservation or more information please email or contact us at:


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